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Welcome to the iVention blog, Laboratory Zen. My intent for this blog is to discuss from different view-points the challenges and potential solutions that face today’s laboratories. iVention services provide a better method to laboratory zen. We have seen over the decades of working with Laboratories that well designed systems can greatly reduce the friction for work processing through the lab. Reducing the entropy of the lab improves the focus and innovation of lab scientist. By combining the right systems with smart process and well trained scientist the lab can improve throughput and maintain high quality reaching that most desired state of Laboratory zen.

Question? Can a laboratory reach a level of organization and design to reduce the friction and entropy of lab processes to improve throughput and quality?

Hypothesis: A well-fit laboratory systems can enable a lab to reach a level of zen where work flows through the lab in optimal time while maintaining quality.

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Results: Applying the lessons learned your lab can move toward laboratory zen.

Doug Holbrook
Laboratory Informatics Scientist
iVention US

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