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iLES - iVention Lab Execution System

Create seamless data integration and world-class informatics management

iLES is a one-stop communication, documentation, storage and workflow hub for your whole organization, all in REAL-TIME.

iLES has the capabilities of LIMS (Lab Information System), ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook), SDMS (Scientific Data Management System), and DMS (Data Management System). But no matter which digital stage your lab is ready to embark on or which system your lab is ready to replace, iLES uses vendor-neutral technologies to help integrate your islands of data. You will only need to access one system - iLES - to take care of all your lab's needs and communications for all users.

iLES Key Benefits:

 Reduce costs

 Eliminate paper and non-value add (NVA) tasks

 Reduce human error

 Standardize workflow & processes

 Centralize data and information

 Improve turn-around-time (TAT)​

 Improve communication

 Reduce documentation burden

 Reduce wastes 

 Reduce non-compliance and legal risks

​ Increase throughput with minimal or no additional costs

 No need for expensive LIMS licenses​

Why Choose iLES:


 Responsive web design (PC, tablet, smartphone)

 Highly configurable (no coding necessary)


 Vendor-neutral technology helps to transform laboratories into tightly integrated paperless environments.           

 Robust and reliable (Microsoft Azure Cloud Security)

 Customer portal for your customers (no additional cost)

 Rapid feature release and automated upgrades

 Securely access information anywhere in the world using any device with Internet connection

 Highly adaptable to method and data diversity


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